Sunday, April 25, 2010

29 is here, but it wasn't all bad!

Well I guess I'll type up a quick update. I've been lagging on the blogging due to trying to live a semi-normal life with the kids while it's spring before the heat sets in and then having someone pick me up from the ground when I black out from the effort!  Latest episode was HORRIBLE. No more bruises than normal but it was quite humiliating.  I blacked out in the shower and for those of you with Dys or POTS  you know that blacking out is bad enough, but being at the mercy of others clothed is bad, but ummm.... yeah in nothing but a few soapy bubbles left from the shower is HORRIBLE!  But my husband is great. He knows I have issues and am probably the most modest married woman in the world and he quickly found me a giant  So now I'm sporting a small scrape on my forehead and several sore areas as well as a bruised  Took a while for me to pull out of this particular episode, but I did. What was the worst about it was it all happened on my 29th birthday :(  If this is any sign of how my last year in my 20's is going to be then I suppose I'll be prepared and I know that my family is here for me. I told my mother in law and husband this (because you've got to find the comedy in all situations like this or you'll go mad). I asked them "Do you know what's worse than blacking out?" Of course they replied no.  I said "Blacking out in the shower. Do you know what's worse than that?" Again they said no.  I responded, "Coming to and realizing you aren't dressed and then realizing that a quick remedy for getting blood back to the heart is to hold the legs in the air.  Then realizing that while you were blacked out, you were drug out of a shower, lain on the floor, and then legs straight up in the air"  Yeah not my idea of a great memory for my last birthday in the 20's, but at least we can all laugh at my  But like I said, my husband is great and knows me and had gotten me the biggest blanket we own, so that at least I had some form of modesty.  Eric is great, and I don't know what I'd do without him.  Apparently my oldest daughter immediately started calling her Granna and leaving messages for help.  She's great too.  She's 6 years old and may be your typical 6 year old with tantrums, defiancy, and stubborn moments, but when mommy gets sick she goes into adult mode and helps take care of me.  My baby girl is 2, and she prays for me and loves on me.  When I black out around my mother in law, she jumps into action finding salty things for me to start eating or drinking. She gets me a cool cloth and sometimes sits beside me holding me as if I were her own.  It's comforting and I love her for it.  Considering I live so far from my parents, I thank God for the family he gave me here. For one thing, it gives my mom and dad peace of mind knowing that I am taken care of and loved.  When they can't be here for me they know that I have an entire family here that will do everything they can to help me. I'm glad and thankful that God placed me in this family. Not only because they take care of me during the rough times, but they are here during the good times too.  It's not easy living 6 hours from my parents, and I think about them and miss them every single day.  But it's easier knowing that I am loved by my husbands parents like I were there own.  I just hope I never black out in their shower!!!  haha  Anyway, just thought I'd write this quick blog and tell the world (or at least the teeny tiny portion of the world who reads this!) how thankful I am.  29 was a birthday I was dreading (who wants to be 30, I think the ages that end in zero are harder to accept, for me anyway...). It was to be my last birthday that I could say "I'm still in my 20's".  I guess on my next birthday I'll begin saying, "Well, I'm barely 30!"  But 29 was a hard one to have come and go, but it is a great reminder of how much I am loved and cared for.  Regardless of what the future holds, I can always look back at my last birthday in my 20's and remember I am loved.  That I have a husband who loves me unconditionally, respects me, and cherishes me.  I can always look back and know that my children love me regardless of my situation, and that even though I'm a handful of problems, my Anita and Jack love me as well. No matter that I live so far from those who gave me life, my mom and dad... I know they love me from the concerned calls checking up on me. So my 29th birthday will always serve as a reminder that from ever facet of my life.... I am loved.  So happy 29th to me. May I have many more with those that love me, but most importantly those that I LOVE!  I love you Eric, Serena, Aleah, Mom, Dad, Anita and Jack. I look forward to the rest of my life knowing you are all in it!
PS> I've not forgotten my sister, Terri and her children Canaan, Lorrianna, Khamaal, and Arielle. I didn't forget Jer, Ang, and Kennah. And all my aunts and uncles and my church family.  I love you all too!