Monday, January 24, 2011

24 Days into 2011

O.K., I've started this blog 4 times already and erased everything I had so far all 4 times so maybe this time will stick.  Anyway, I just thought that I would blog since I don't think I have so far this year. There haven't been any major changes around here during the first 24 days of 2011.  The kids are still acting like their normal selves, although they are helping keep things picked up a little more around here which is nice. My blackouts have picked up in intensity again, which isn't nice, and I'm struggling to be up and about more. Due to this I have decided that it's time to get in to see my Dr. again to work out my meds and also to talk to her about some new problems I've noticed. If anything comes of it, I'll let you know what she says and what action she takes on helping me with them. 
  I have decided that even if it kills me I AM going to get some form of exercise in every day of the week. Even if it's just 5 minutes, I will do it this year. I started trying again last week, and that's when the bad blackouts picked back up but I can't keep going like I am. I'm gaining weight and I don't need or like that. And I'm losing what little bit of stamina I had even a year ago. So my goal this year is to exercise just 5 minutes a day. I've decided that this will either be on the Wii Fit, XBox Dance Dance Revolution, or my exer-bike. I set a small goal because I know I can force 5 minutes into the day, and even when I'm feeling crummy, 5 minutes isn't a huge amount of time that will overwhelm me. If I get more than that in then Go ME! But if I just meet the 5 minute requirement then Go ME!  :)   But anyway, if I were to say that I had a New Year's Resolution this would be one of them. 
  I've already done 5 minutes today on the Dance game with the girls, but since I'm still feeling pretty good, I'm planning on doing some more in a bit. If I don't make it to it, then I've still met my goal. It doesn't sound like much but for someone with such a high intolerance to any form of activity if I can manage this every day then I will feel on top of the world! 
  Anyway, that's my quick blog for the day! I pray you are having a wonderful day yourself! Catch ya on the flipside!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's still so cold!

Ok, we're on day 4 of our extremely crazy winter weather here in Central Alabama. We have been staying at my mother in law's house since Sunday evening and finally got home today. I wasn't thinking clearly (brain fog) and decided to turn everything off while we were gone, including the heat. Let me tell you it is COLD in this house! Our thermostat reads 42 right now. So I'm really hoping that it gets warm rather quickly. It's comical to see both my girls actually wearing layers of clothes indoors because they usually start stripping down the moment we get inside.

The outside of our home is still frozen. The back is starting to melt but the front porch still has over an inch of ice frozen solid. The front of the house still has icicles hanging everywhere as well. But the shelter that we built for our cats did hold up and it looks as if they did use it. I know when we pulled up that Grey was coming out of it, so that made me feel better about the freezing weather and their being outside. I stuck my head inside their "cat cave" and it was a great deal warmer than outside so that was good.

I really need to be doing things around the house like unpacking our clothes we took with us and putting everything back up, but right now I'm so cozy sitting in this warm jacket (yes, i still have my coat on!) so I really don't want to get up and do anything. Cold weather days like this make it so easy to just curl up with a book or a movie!  Although with the headaches I've been having reading isn't a good option for me. Maybe a movie later though!

So for all you out there with warm weather, enjoy it! For those of us in the Southern U.S. who just aren't accustomed to this cold weather, stay warm!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Blog Giveaway

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sNOw day... errrhhh uhhh, Ice Day

  January 9-10, 2011. The forecast called for it to be an awesome 2 days of beautiful bountiful snow with possibility of some ice and power outages due to the ice. So we made the decision to pack up and go to my mother in law's house and ride out the winter storm headed our way. As I packed the layers of clothing we'd need in the event of outages and snow, I kept an eye on the forecast. With every few hours passing it seemed that our snow chances were fading. By evening it still appeared that we might get a few inches. Not horrible news but considering we had been forecast for upwards of 8 inches it was a let down. As night passed it became apparent that all we would be getting is the ice. For hours it rained ice pellets, sleet, and freezing rain. By nightfall there was already a couple inches of ice on the ground and it was now raining. We woke up this morning, the day we were supposed to be able to look out and see a beautiful blanket of white, deep, fluffy snow, and we were only greeted by the remains of the ice that fell. It was still very pretty and white, but we had so hoped to get a huge snowfall.
  Regardless of the forecast that just didn't work out for us here in McCalla, Alabama we have still had a great couple of days.  My mother in law cooked a huge pot of chili and we ate on that yesterday. It was great as always. Pretty much snacked the rest of the day while we watched ice fall from the heavens. The kids have been stuck indoors but between all the laptops and televisions here they haven't gotten bored. Not to mention the playroom that Granna has fixed for the grandkids. We've all sat around watching movies, news, and Little House on the Prairie. I've come to the conclusion that I hate ice storms and the spoiled little girl on the prairie!  I did get outside and take a few photos of the ice. Even though ice isn't fun it can still be beautiful.  So here's hoping you have gotten the forecast you had hoped for over the last few days. For those north of us in Alabama with 5 inches and more of snow, I hope you enjoy it! Because next time we're calling dibs on the snowfall! *smile*
Ice on a bush. Not sure what kind, but Big Mama called it a Fire Bush.

Icecicle melting as a drop falls from it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Grocery Trip of the Year 2011

Ok, I made my first Publix trip of this year. Wasn't expecting much since a vast majority of coupons expired on the 31st of December, I don't have my printer up and running yet, and without printables there just weren't many sales that were compatible for my family. Yet I did manage to do pretty good on what I bought.

First I know that you're probably looking at my photo of food bought and saying WHAT!?! at the amount of croutons I bought, but I can assure you they won't go to waste. My kids like a handful or so as a small snack, so when I find them on sale I buy as many as possible. Also, my kids and husband are Peanut Butter fanatics, and that peanut butter might last a month if I'm lucky... seriously!  So here' the breakdown of what I got today.  The (D) means that the coupon was doubled by the store.
10- New York Texas Toast Croutons - sale .99 : coupon .50/1 (D) : Final Price: FREE!
01- Crest Baking Soda/Peroxide Toothpaste - Sale 1.50 : coupon $1/1 : Final price .50
03- Ore Ida Hash Browns *3 dif kinds* - Not on sale 3.25 : Coupons $2/1 Target and $1/1 Manuf. : Final price .25 for two of them and 1.25 for one bag (only had 2 manuf. coupons) TOTAL: 1.75 for 3 bags
03- Bags Banguet Chicken (fingers, popcorn, strips) - Sale: 2.75 : Coupons None : Final : 2.75 each.
04- Birds Eye Voila' Frozen Meal - Sale 1.97 : coupon .50/2 (D) : Final 1.47 each
06- Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables (corn and green beans) - Sale .89 - Coupon .50/2 (D) - Final .39 each
08- Peter Pan Peanut Butter - Sale 1.25 : Coupon .50/1 (D) : Final .25

Price before sales and coupons : $88.36
Price after sales and coupons : $23.75!
Sales savings was $32.61
Store Coupons $17.50
Vendor Coupons $14.50
TOTAL savings of 64.61!!!

the 3 bags of Banquet Chicken Tenders, popcorn chicken, and nuggets were already put up so they aren't pictured.