Monday, January 24, 2011

24 Days into 2011

O.K., I've started this blog 4 times already and erased everything I had so far all 4 times so maybe this time will stick.  Anyway, I just thought that I would blog since I don't think I have so far this year. There haven't been any major changes around here during the first 24 days of 2011.  The kids are still acting like their normal selves, although they are helping keep things picked up a little more around here which is nice. My blackouts have picked up in intensity again, which isn't nice, and I'm struggling to be up and about more. Due to this I have decided that it's time to get in to see my Dr. again to work out my meds and also to talk to her about some new problems I've noticed. If anything comes of it, I'll let you know what she says and what action she takes on helping me with them. 
  I have decided that even if it kills me I AM going to get some form of exercise in every day of the week. Even if it's just 5 minutes, I will do it this year. I started trying again last week, and that's when the bad blackouts picked back up but I can't keep going like I am. I'm gaining weight and I don't need or like that. And I'm losing what little bit of stamina I had even a year ago. So my goal this year is to exercise just 5 minutes a day. I've decided that this will either be on the Wii Fit, XBox Dance Dance Revolution, or my exer-bike. I set a small goal because I know I can force 5 minutes into the day, and even when I'm feeling crummy, 5 minutes isn't a huge amount of time that will overwhelm me. If I get more than that in then Go ME! But if I just meet the 5 minute requirement then Go ME!  :)   But anyway, if I were to say that I had a New Year's Resolution this would be one of them. 
  I've already done 5 minutes today on the Dance game with the girls, but since I'm still feeling pretty good, I'm planning on doing some more in a bit. If I don't make it to it, then I've still met my goal. It doesn't sound like much but for someone with such a high intolerance to any form of activity if I can manage this every day then I will feel on top of the world! 
  Anyway, that's my quick blog for the day! I pray you are having a wonderful day yourself! Catch ya on the flipside!


Ericka McCarty said...

I have a goal of doing 10 minutes ... if that means I have to go on 10 one minute walks, then I'll take twenty 1 minute walks.

Good luck with the goal, and hope it helps with the stamina. I'm praying that exercise and eating better will help with mine.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your 5 minutes!!! I think it's a great goal, but don't over do it!!!! I had the same problem with trying to exercise before I was on the right med.s and paid for it just like you are, with hanging out with my carpeted floor lol. I hope it gets easier for you and your doctor can think of something that will help!

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