Monday, January 10, 2011

sNOw day... errrhhh uhhh, Ice Day

  January 9-10, 2011. The forecast called for it to be an awesome 2 days of beautiful bountiful snow with possibility of some ice and power outages due to the ice. So we made the decision to pack up and go to my mother in law's house and ride out the winter storm headed our way. As I packed the layers of clothing we'd need in the event of outages and snow, I kept an eye on the forecast. With every few hours passing it seemed that our snow chances were fading. By evening it still appeared that we might get a few inches. Not horrible news but considering we had been forecast for upwards of 8 inches it was a let down. As night passed it became apparent that all we would be getting is the ice. For hours it rained ice pellets, sleet, and freezing rain. By nightfall there was already a couple inches of ice on the ground and it was now raining. We woke up this morning, the day we were supposed to be able to look out and see a beautiful blanket of white, deep, fluffy snow, and we were only greeted by the remains of the ice that fell. It was still very pretty and white, but we had so hoped to get a huge snowfall.
  Regardless of the forecast that just didn't work out for us here in McCalla, Alabama we have still had a great couple of days.  My mother in law cooked a huge pot of chili and we ate on that yesterday. It was great as always. Pretty much snacked the rest of the day while we watched ice fall from the heavens. The kids have been stuck indoors but between all the laptops and televisions here they haven't gotten bored. Not to mention the playroom that Granna has fixed for the grandkids. We've all sat around watching movies, news, and Little House on the Prairie. I've come to the conclusion that I hate ice storms and the spoiled little girl on the prairie!  I did get outside and take a few photos of the ice. Even though ice isn't fun it can still be beautiful.  So here's hoping you have gotten the forecast you had hoped for over the last few days. For those north of us in Alabama with 5 inches and more of snow, I hope you enjoy it! Because next time we're calling dibs on the snowfall! *smile*
Ice on a bush. Not sure what kind, but Big Mama called it a Fire Bush.

Icecicle melting as a drop falls from it.

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erinj0 said...

Hello : ) I found you are a fellow POTSY! Just thought I'd stop by!

We had 8+ inches of snow as well!

Take care!