Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's still so cold!

Ok, we're on day 4 of our extremely crazy winter weather here in Central Alabama. We have been staying at my mother in law's house since Sunday evening and finally got home today. I wasn't thinking clearly (brain fog) and decided to turn everything off while we were gone, including the heat. Let me tell you it is COLD in this house! Our thermostat reads 42 right now. So I'm really hoping that it gets warm rather quickly. It's comical to see both my girls actually wearing layers of clothes indoors because they usually start stripping down the moment we get inside.

The outside of our home is still frozen. The back is starting to melt but the front porch still has over an inch of ice frozen solid. The front of the house still has icicles hanging everywhere as well. But the shelter that we built for our cats did hold up and it looks as if they did use it. I know when we pulled up that Grey was coming out of it, so that made me feel better about the freezing weather and their being outside. I stuck my head inside their "cat cave" and it was a great deal warmer than outside so that was good.

I really need to be doing things around the house like unpacking our clothes we took with us and putting everything back up, but right now I'm so cozy sitting in this warm jacket (yes, i still have my coat on!) so I really don't want to get up and do anything. Cold weather days like this make it so easy to just curl up with a book or a movie!  Although with the headaches I've been having reading isn't a good option for me. Maybe a movie later though!

So for all you out there with warm weather, enjoy it! For those of us in the Southern U.S. who just aren't accustomed to this cold weather, stay warm!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you are all wacky again.

what is with your bp.. Dumb question, what are you on to increase it.I am using ritalin and midodrine, best combo in 7 years.

Can they do a 24 hour holter and bp monitor to figure you out

Just moved in amoung reno's