Thursday, February 3, 2011

A month has come and gone

Wow, we're already into February! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and love should be in the air, but around here you just smell the pungent smell of  Seriously, both of my kids have been sick this week with a virus. Nothing like a kid vomiting on you at 4 am to just ruin good nights sleep! I keep praying that I don't catch this virus, but I have the feeling that it's creeping up on me as well.  I don't do well with viruses, as they deplete me of all fluids pretty fast and I am one of those who can't keep ANYTHING in me. The last virus I had, I was actually placed on a nausea drug they give cancer patients after treatments. I dehydrated in just a few hours and started having full body cramps. That wasn't a fond memory and I don't care to travel that road again! So I'm just praying I don't catch this bug. Every time I tend to Aleah, the little one that is sick now, I get her calmed down and back to sleep and then I just start spraying my arms and hands with  I REALLY don't want this virus, but most of all I don't want the lingering effects they have on me!
This week we were in revival from Sun. -Wed. nights. I was able to attend on Sunday night, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I did have a hard time with the Dys. though. The last night was better though. Had trouble with dizziness and fatigue, but on Tues. night my right leg quit on me. I'm thinking it was a silent migraine since I was having the confusion and tingling beforehand. Who knows anymore. I've just come to realize that weird things are going to happen. So what if I have to drag a leg while I leave church, at least I got to go!  The youth revival was awesome though! I'm so proud that our youth were mostly able to be there every night.  One thing was said that really struck a chord with me. These youth don't have anyone in their personal lives telling them about God or Jesus! Coming from a home where I was raised on the front pew later becoming a preachers kid, that blows my mind! I'm so proud of our church for stepping in and giving these kids the option to come to church and learn if they choose to!
Oh, and the other bit of news, I got denied my disability this week again. So I just put in a call to my lawyer to find out the next step. It's frustrating to say the least. I cried. The judge actually stated that because I was able to go to church and sing that it counted against me! What he failed to note was that yes, I can do that "occasionally" but I do blackout afterwards, I am sick for days afterwards. But it's the one joy ouside of my children and family that I have left!  I can't just give it up entirely! Plus I think my notice stated that since Dysautonomia isn't listed as a disease or something and I have no mental disease, that was counted against me.  Such strange rules they have for figuring things out.  Hopefully my lawyer will help me get it worked out.  Well, my lawyer and tons of prayer!  I know that God is able to step in and with Him all things are possible, just waiting on His timing sometimes is difficult!
Anyway, that's been my week so far. I hope yours has been as good or better! Have a great day and be blessed in the Lord!

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