Friday, February 18, 2011

5 wonderful days...

Well I thought I'd post a short one here because of 2 reasons. 1. I'm still waiting on my family to arrive from S. Ga and I have nothing else to do! 2. Because I've had 5 of the greatest days of my entire time with this disease!  I rarely get even a couple of days in a row that are this wonderful, so 5 in a row is an EXTREME treat for me! I'm still having symptoms but the fatigue is the biggest thing I've been free of this week and it's been WONDERFUL! I have awakened feeling fresh and rested for 5 days! I know, I know... I keep typing 5 days but you must realize that it's been MONTHS since I've had a day where I've not felt fatigued and worn down from the beginning of the day! BUT I have been very careful not to overdo it. In the past I would get a day or two and I'd be all gung-ho and try and accomplish months of let-go projects and housework all at once. This time, I've taken frequent breaks. I work a few minutes and I rest double the time I worked at least. Getting my feet up and taking in lots of water and gatorade while resting and while getting things done. I've accomplished a LOT less than an able person would have this week, and I still required lots of help getting my home ready for my family to arrive (THANKS SO MUCH ERIC AND ANITA!!!) but I did get small amounts of my to-do list accomplished and for that I'm so thankful! I'm not crazy. I know that DYS is likely just around the corner ready to throw me a right hook in the gut sending me careening to the floor again, but for now I'm living and enjoying the time I've got.
  Something I was able to do this week that I've not been able to do since I guess early spring of 2010 was build a small fire outside with my girls and we roasted hot dogs and ate outside. THAT was fun!  Just sitting around a crackling fire under the moonlight with my girls is in itself one of the greatest events this week!  Oh and I was able to go to a salon today and get a hair cut!!! I've not been able to go and sit at a salon in I guess 8 months at least. I've just been letting my husband trim my neckline or I lean my head over and run his trimmers over the bottom of my hair. Trust me, it wasn't a great look! And for the last 4 months at least I wasn't even able to do that, so I was getting pretty bushy and shaggy and now I've got a great new short do and I love it! Thanks to Supercuts in McCalla taking walk-ins it will likely be easier for me to get the occasional trim and shape now because appointments are hard for me to keep. I never know when a good day will hit and usually there are no appointments at the last minute, so I'm a huge fan of the "walk-in" now!
  Now even though fatigue has pretty much been absent for the last 5 days there are many other problems that just seem to love to hang around. The ability to think clearly has been hit and miss for some time now. Getting dizzy and grasping for support from anything near me to stabilize my dizzy and falling body is an almost constant as well.  Tachy has been really bad also, but hopefully my appointment on Tues morning I can address all my problems with my Dr. The warmer weather is moving in and I'm feeling my symptoms creeping back in on me as it warms up. I'm definitely not looking forward to the 70+ temps around here but they are a given when you live in the south and I'll adjust! Until next time I'm going to just sit around here waiting on my family to hopefully arrive sometime before midnight tonight. I can't wait to hold my beautiful new niece and there will be LOTS of photos to come of my weekend with my family! Have a DYS-free day and I'll catch ya later!


Rusty Hoe said...

So happy for you Miranda. I had a little cook out with my boys last night too. Just sausages in bread and then I made damper (sort of a cross between a scone and bread that you cook in the coals or on a stick over a fire, then drizzle with golden syrup, traditional Australian stuff). It was lovely and worth today's blarghness. Hope you have a ball with your family's visit. Will send all my good thoughts and hugs that your body will be good so you can enjoy every minute. :)

Michele said...

Woohoo for 5 amazing days, I hope you have quite a few more (praying for a lifetime more), but I really wish for you to be symptom free while you enjoy your family.

ashpauls said...

OMG 5 days is wikid!!!!!!!!!!! I had two and just about died of shock LOL. I noticed on facebook your family got in, hope you guys have a great time together!

erinj0 said...

So exciting your having good days & getting rid of that awful fatigue!! I hope that more good days will come your way!

I agree with dreading the warmer weather. It's hard when everyone is getting excited for summer to get here & I am just dreading it : /

P.S. I love sitting by the fire as well! : )

Take care!