Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blogging to feel better

This post holds no huge purpose, no enlightening ideas, and no huge pick me up thoughts. I'm merely posting right now just to try and clear my thoughts in hopes that something will make sense or that I'll find a glimmer of clarity before this day has been a huge total waste.  Now I know all that sounds depressing, but I'm not depressed, just having a down day.  Not sure why. Maybe it's added stress or maybe it's just this disease that no one really understands causing all these feelings. POTS can surprise you that way sometimes a lot of the time.  So if by the end of this post, I have no mental clarity, no huge epiphany regarding the cause of today's blahness (yeah, I know that's not a real word... sue me, you won't get much!) then I'll blame it on the Dysautonomia/POTS and all it's glory. 
My day started off normal enough. I was awakened by the sound of crashing unpacked boxes in my closet. These horrible cats that my kids and husband (yes, you eric... remember Miracle?) decided we should have, had somehow gotten into my newly straightened closet and managed to knock over the one box that was a junk box. It also happened to be an open box because I'd searched for some things this week. So now I've got all of those things still sitting in the walking space in my closet. Yes it is 9:30 pm now and NO I didn't bother picking it all up! Just haven't felt like it! 
Let's see. Next I checked emails and facebook. Updated everyone on a friends medical condition and reminded everyone on the church facebook to be praying for my friend. I played a quick game or two of Bejeweled Blitz (who doesn't love shiny gems blinking and flashing early in the morning?!?). Then I made my way into the living room, let out the air mattress the kids are sleeping on. Yes they do have their own room and their own beds, but if letting them sleep on the giant air mattress in the living room insures that I get at LEAST 5 hours sleep without my kids wrapped around me in an octopus-like fashion... then it's worth it.  Anyway, got all that put away for the day and vacuumed and picked up the two dozen My Little Pony toys that were strung all over. 
Yeah, I'm still not getting an epiphany.  Day is starting like any other.
Next I made lunch. Serena helped. She's turning into my assistant chef! I love her working beside me. It not only helps me when she can get things that I can't bend to get out of a cabinet, but it gives me another pair of hands in the kitchen. Let's face it. With Dys. you need all the hands you can get!  
After we ate I left Eric with the few dishes. Thank the Lord for paper plates! I came back to my room, did another update on my friend Jacob, and I've pretty much been in here since catching up on a couple of tv series I've missed lately. Well I did get up and helped Serena bake peanut butter cookies. 
I don't know. I can't put a finger on why today has been a downer for me. Maybe it is just the Dys/POTS. I know that my memory and focus has been more than lacking. Who knows. Anyway, for tonight I'll blame it on POTS! I hope everyone else has had a day that's more of an upper kind of day.  I'm just looking forward to bedtime! Well Serena is asking for a snack, so I've gotta go and take care of that. Catch you on the flipside and here's to hoping the flipside offers a better mood day! Cheers!


Corrine said...

hey go turn on some Reba tunes.. Loud. unless you can't tolerate noise . Time to go take that mountain...

just look at that ostrich face on your blog page... It will make you grimmace and chuckle if you stare at it long enough

have a reba day


Miranda said...

Hey Corrine :) Another Reba fan huh :) I actually have that album and LOVE it :) Downloaded her last one onto my IPOD and my oldest is on the fast track to becoming the next reba fan in this house :) Feeling better today, less blah. Knew it had something to do with Dys. Had leg tremors last night, so I was right... it was just a bad Dys day which had me all turned inside out it seems. Anyway, Hope you are having a good day today!