Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Night

Last night I cried for you
My tears flowed like rivers
with no end in sight.

Last night again I mourned
Feeling helpless in the situation
Knowing that I've lost you

Last night like a ton of bricks
Your absence was smothering
The air was thick with sadness

Last night again I was reminded
Of what we once had
Of what we once did freely

Last night I was alone
The air being sucked from my lungs
A feeling of helplessness covering me

Last night you failed me again
And terror filled my very being
It's the not knowing what minutes hold that pains me

Last night the darkness enveloped me
Like a fog of loneliness
Because you left me helpless

Last night I cried for you
The life that once was
The freedom that once lived

Last night you showed me your absence
What life is like without you
That every day is scarier with your loss.

Last night I sat helpless in the shower
As the water washed away my tears
Tears shed of a body no longer well

Last night again it hit me
You are gone leaving a vulnerable shell
You, my health, are gone.

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