Sunday, October 23, 2011

Such a busy and tiring week...

Well guys, it's Sunday the 23rd of October 2011. It has been a very long week! This leaves me very tired and cranky but at the same time very blessed.  On Wednesday morning my four year old had an extensive and complete oral surgery under general anesthesia. She had to have her four top central teeth extracted and once they were in there they found that they were also abscessed. It's strange to me that my daughter never complained with pain and was continuing to eat! Anyway, she also got ten crowns... yes TEN!  And some fillings. I know what you might be thinking... this is a kid who never had dental care, but the truth is she has had the same care as my seven year old and she only had 2 tiny cavities! It blew my mind at how much work was needed on my 4 year old. She has soft teeth, she cut all her teeth early (at 11 months she had the full set), and she drank a LOT of juice for tummy problems. All this combined left her with a mouth full of problems which she handled like a champ! So we are four days post-op and she's eating almost everything she wants. It really just blows my mind at how quickly children recuperate! But I am so blessed because everything went so smooth during her surgery. It was about 2 hours that she was back and under general anesthesia and the first day she was sleepy and had moderately mild pain. But God truly kept her in the palm of His hands! Now I'm trying to recuperate and of course it takes me much longer to regain strength!  So I'm resting and sleeping and resting. And still never feel rested! *smile*  But I'll get there... eventually!
This week I have yet another Dr. appointment for the girls. The four year old has a follow-up with her pediatrician about her new allergy meds and my seven year old has shots. Oh and both are getting their flu shots. So another week and another doctor visit. It's like we never leave those offices anymore!
On a better note we have both girls Halloween costume bought and they are looking forward to Halloween. I think their favorite part is getting all dressed up as whatever they want to be... well almost anything they want to be. I mean I've got to draw the line somewhere and I draw the line at trampy looking costumes and ghoulish costumes.  But I never really have to govern in this area to much because at this points my girls are still vying for those cute little butterfly and barbie costumes!  So the upcoming weekend will be full of cuteness ( my girls of course!) and candy and trunk or treating at church. So in between all this we are still homeschooling this week. Last week was a light week considering the surgery and all. But we have plenty of days already and plenty of time if we need it. So until next time have a less tiring week than I've had! :) God Bless!

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