Monday, February 11, 2013

And then there were more...

Today I have been thinking constantly on my upcoming ultrasound appointment.  In fact for the last 6 days it's been constantly on my mind. Is my baby healthy? Is my baby growing properly? Will he or she have the same problems I have? Is there just one baby or more than one? Will my health hold up for the duration of this pregnancy?  See, I have LOADS of questions!!!  So many thoughts are running rampant through my mind that it can really wear me down if I chose to let it.

However there are so many less worrying thoughts that I can choose to focus on! Am I right and this baby is a beautiful boy? I can't wait to see my daughters faces as they meet their sibling for the first time!  I can't wait to teach this new little one all about Jesus and His loving sacrifice for us! I can't wait to hold my baby, talk to him/her, sing songs to him/her! There are so many exciting things to think about!

Sometimes at night when sleep is seemingly nowhere to be found for me, I find myself lying in bed just thinking of the baby. It's such a miracle at how this tiny grouping of cells came together and day by day and week by week they merge and grow and shape into this beautiful tiny little human!  I get these little updates via apps on my kindle. I didn't have these when I was carrying my two daughters!  It's so neat to get little daily snippets of what's going on inside of me!  Being able to quickly share these cute little updates with the girls and my husband is fun!

So having said that, I'm lying here again thinking about Monday. In seven days I get to finally see my baby! Or babies?  "smile"  Just as a side note, my mother in law told me she's praying every night for twins! It's possible with our family histories so we'll see!   I do know that I imagine and feel like this baby is a beautiful little boy. I was right with my girls down to their hair/eye color as well as their hair texture! Will I be correct again?  Will this baby be a sweet faced little boy with light eyes and wavy strawberry blonde hair? Or am I just so off in my "gut feelings" this time and this baby will look nothing like I see him in my mind?  So many questions and wondering this or that.  I suppose all that I know for certain is that no matter what this baby is already so loved! This baby is constantly on my mind and heart and I pray for him/her daily. I wait for the day when there is more than a flutter of movement that is barely perceived by myself. I wait for the moment when my family can see and feel their baby moving within me! I look forward to the moment when I hear that first cry, have my first glimpse of my beautiful gift from God, hold him/her, nurse him/her, and just love on that which is just pure sweetness! 40 weeks, and I have 10 of those under my belt (quite literally!). We are 1/4 of the way through this beautiful journey and I can't wait to see the finish line that signals the beginning of the rest of our lives as a family of more than four!

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