Friday, January 9, 2015

It's the Flu ....and Swag Bucks... lol

Well we are about to close out day 6 of having sick kids... with Flu B. So far all three kids have it. Our oldest is 10 and she's the first to have it so she's about over it now. Yesterday our youngest two, 7 and 1, were diagnosed so we are looking at around another week of this stuff. I'm thankful though that for the most part the kids are doing well. We've had some scary high fevers, and a couple of vomit filled moments, along with coughing, sniffing, sneezing, etc  but the kids are doing as well as we could expect. We're really worried that if I get it I'll be in a world of hurt because that's the way things usually do me, but so far I'm hanging in there without having a symptom. Exhausted and brain fried, but so far flu free. :)
So since we arent doing homeschool while they are sick I've had a little, and I mean LITTLE, downtime and I've used it with my feet propped up and chatting in a facebook group with a great group of ladies. I had participated in Swag Bucks in the past, you can check it out and join here, and had quit but decided to give it a go again just to earn some extra spending cash for myself. I'm SO glad I did. I won't get rich but I'm able to cash out for a paypal credit every week. Plus I've won a couple of sweepstakes I entered as part of the point gaining on swagbucks. So that was just a bonus. Anyway, this group of ladies have introduced me to quite a few "freebie" sites so I've been enjoying that while I'm resting on the tad bit of downtime I've had.
Just for fun I've set a goal for myself to stick with all of this until the end of the year and keep a tally of all that I get for free. I plan on making a facebook album so that I can keep track of everything. As a stay at home mom who can't work due to dysautonomia it's a welcome nicety to get free things in the mail from time to time and I hope to increase the frequency in which I get things this year.
It's nice to have something fun and engaging to do when I'm stuck resting other than netflix! So I'm really looking forward to sharing with you all a little hobby that I think I'm gonna enjoy! Like I said, I won't get rich, but it's nice to have my "own" pocket cash for a change. Those of you who can't work should completely understand the feeling of not earning your own money! For me it's great to even be getting the $25 a week on swagbucks that I average right now. So if you're interested in getting started click above or just click HERE!  You have nothing to lose and free gift cards or cash if you choose to gain. It's just something to do that gets my mind off the feeling bad, gets me involved with other ladies who aren't always talking about the disease who also have a like interest like I do... free stuff! lol Anyway, I hope you all have a great first of this year, 2015. We're spending it neck deep in the flu virus and earning freebies while recuperating and taking care of my children! :) Have a great day and God Bless!

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