Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tachy, insomnia, and blood pooling oh my!!!

Well I'm just sitting here waiting on my husband to get home from work so that I can shampoo the spot that my 2 year old just spilled ovaltine on my living room rug.  The way my heart rate has been today, I don't typically pull out a vacuum or anything without someone here due to being scared I'll black out and my children will be unattended. So I was sitting here waiting and talking to my almost 6 year old about why she can't kiss boys this young (what am I going to do about her??? lol) And after taking her off my lap feeling confident that she understood that she can think a boy is cute but she can't kiss him yet, I looked down at my leg that I had down and the one that I had tucked under side by side. This was the result.  I had never noticed how purpley/pink (or lavink as some fellow dys ladies have called it) that my legs would get because they were always both equally pink I suppose.  And seeing the leg with the blood-pooling in it compared to my shockingly white one, I really wish that sunshine and heat were not my enemy! Now mind you, this was only after a few minutes conversation, not standing on my feet for an hour or more, and I could tell a significant difference in how my left and right legs felt. One felt all tight and prickly and sore and the very very white one felt perfectly fine. The only likeness was they were both very cold, but that is nothing new!  Anyways, I just I'd post this while waiting on my husband to get home, so I can stand on my feet and vacuum up the chocolate milk my 2 year old spilt in my living room floor.  Of course she didn't tell me about it and I'm just seriously hoping I get it up! So for all you Dys people out there who perhaps aren't sure what blood pooling looks like, and I suspect that my picture is a mild example, as well as all my non-dys friends who often wonder why I might keep my feet propped up at church or other places or why I am constantly trying to keep them moving... well this is why! Because the longer they are down the more they hurt and the darker they will get.  Just don't make fun of my comfy shoes when my tennis or boots are too snug! :)  Well my husband is opening the front door now and I must take care of that spilt milk! Until next time...


Rusty Hoe said...

Now thats some sexy feet Miranda LOL. I'd say welcome to the club but it's a bit of a sucky club. I'm starting to think about the fake tan to see if that covers it up.

Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥ said...

My feet do that, too. I really hate the prickly feeling. It happens a lot, even when I'm just standing for a brief minute to wash my hands or brush my teeth. It feels kind of itchy, too.

Anyway, I wanted to stop by and say thank you SO very much for your sweet, sweet words during the time I was in the hospital. I really appreciate them more than you will ever know. Kind, genuine encouragement like yours is such a blessing to my spirit right now. It truly helps keep me going.

Thanks for being my friend.


Teresa <><

Rachel said...

I have done pictures like that before. It's a great visual. When you see all of that discoleration in your legs you realize just how much blood isn't making it back up to your head!

Shannieee said...

thank you for posting this! my feet do the exact same thing. weird isn't it? i don't tend to notice until i compare it with the other foot haha. so this is an awesome pic :)

Brook said...

Hi there. I followed a link from another blog (Too Many Heartbeats) to yours. I have copied and will paste the ribbon on my blog to help with Dysautonomia awareness. Wishing you all the best.

Kindest regards,