Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am a Fabulous Sugar Doll blogger!

Thanks to Selena at Oh My Aches and Pains! for the Sugar Doll Blogger Award!    So many thanks for the award, and on my birthday no less!  I enjoy reading the blogs of others dealing with chronic diseases, and Selena's is no different.  She has survived and pressed through so much!
In accepting the Award I agree to name 10 things about me you may not know, and to pass the award on to other bloggers I enjoy reading. So here goes nothing :)

1. In Kindergarten I wrote a short story titled "Bad Weather" that won First place in the Young Authors Award for the State of Georgia.  I got to travel to the capital and accept awards which was way cool for a Kindergarten kid!

2.  I'm a preacher's kid and proud of it! My Dad and Mom are my greatest heroes and I couldn't ask for better parents!

3.  I am a horrible house decorator.  I do not have the ability to put things in a way that they look fashionable, Therefore, my home is mostly only decorated with photos of my children, but I love the scenery! :)

4.  I love music. I play acoustic guitar and own 2, but my Alvarez is my favorite. I also on an SG Epiphone Electric in a great shade of Deep Red, but I don't play it because after I bought it I realized that I just don't like Electric guitars and how they feel in my hands. I have played piano since I was 4 and went to Governor's Honors with it as a Senior in High School.  I have played Trumpet since 4th grade and am currently learning the flute. But my passion is singing... especially on the worship team at my church.

5.  I like to work with wood, but it's been over a year since I've been able to.  My first piece of woodwork as an adult a birdhouse and a Welcome sign for my door. I've made a few others for family.

6.  I love photography, and intend on learning all I can, but for now I love being able to use photography and editing software to express my ideas.

7.  I don't wear dresses. I hate them in fact!  I only own 2 skirts and they are currently packed away undoubtedly never to return to my closet!  I rarely wear dress clothes of any sort as I'm a jean and t-shirt or cotton button at the collar type shirt kinda girl.  I own a few pairs of cute sandals, but mostly it's tennis shoes and flip flaps for me.

8.  I love to fix things.  If it's broken I will not stop (unless my body sends me to the ground...lol) until I've figured out how to fix it.  Puzzling problems intrigue me and I once figured out how to repair my grandparents roof after a tree fell on it and really messed it up, all on my own and by myself.  When I ran into the dilemma of holding the wood in place while hammering and balancing on a ladder, I actually dreamed (yeah the ones you have while sleeping) the solution, tried it the next day and finished repairing the roof. In case you are wondering, I used very large vise grip style clamps and my shoulder and lots of muscle. In the end, the roof looked good as new :)

9.  I love trimming hedges. Only not as able to do it as in the past. But I like watching them go from scraggly overgrowth into well formed hedges. Nothing special, but I like it :)

10.  I love gathering fallen wood at night with my daughters, making a fire and cooking something on it late into the night.  Sometimes we just sit in the backyard way after midnight listening to the coyotes, owl, and the crackling of the fire while sharing their secret hopes and thoughts. It's amazing what you can learn about your kids if you take the time to sit and listen :)

Well there are my 10 very random things about myself that you may not have known. And know I bestow the honor of being a Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger to some of my favorite bloggers!

Michele at Dysautonomia Normal
Michelle at Living with Bob (Dysautonomia)
Rachel at One Day At A Time
Lauren at Where Did I Get This Lemon
I also love Teresa's blog at Too Many Heartbeats and even though I know she was already nominated I'll do it again because her blog is another of my favorites!


Michele said...

Thanks for sharing Miranda, we know so much about our each others ways of dealing with our medical conditions, it's cool to know some random facts that aren't related to them. May God bless and keep you!
Always inspired,

Lauren Butare-Smith, DVM said...

Thanks so much for nominating me for the Sugar Doll Blogger Award! It means the world to me that you enjoy my blog and feel that I am doing a good job! :) I will post my list of 10 things soon. Thanks again!

Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥ said...

You are such an amazing friend and much too generous! Thank you for thinking of me. I sent you an email just now. I hope you can check it soon.


Teresa <><