Monday, May 17, 2010

My Beautiful Friend Donna

Today I attended and sang at another funeral, or celebration of life, of a dear friend and sister in the Lord.  Sis. Donna Mashburn was such an example of how we should live our lives!  When I was really sick last year and since then, she constantly was a source of encouragement to me.  She reminded me that God is always in control, to never quit fighting, and always to find the blessings of the situation.  Each and every Sunday or Wednesday night that she would make it to church on her husbands arm, it would make it impossible for me to make an excuse on why I can't do something or be somewhere.  It is always in my mind that if she could make it to church and stand and worship the Lord, then so could I.  She was a great encourager to me in my music ministry as well.  As long as I've known her she never failed to let me know she enjoyed it and that it blessed her.  She recorded me singing in church and would post it to her facebook.  It always meant so much to me to know that my ministry of music was a blessing to others.  Her smile was infectious!  You could never feel down or sad around her because she was always smiling!  Her voice was soothing yet strong when she spoke about her Lord.  She loved Jesus with every fiber of her being, and her life was proof of it.  All who came into contact with her never walked away the same.  Her existence changed people and the world around her.  She was a witness for Christ in ever aspect; her job, her passion for helping others, her wonderful talent of cooking/baking, her marriage, her children... every thing she touched she did so by putting God first and allowing Him to lead her into the way she should go or do the current task.
I will miss her dearly, every day without her here is a sad one.  Yet I could never ask for her back.  See Donna did all these wonderful, kind, selfless, and loving acts even while living with MS.  She conquered that disease every day and each day she woke up it was a kick in the face for MS!  She didn't let it stop her from being a wonderful and Godly wife, mother, and friend.  Instead it became a sort of witness opportunity for her.  Praise God in the good times, and Praise God in the not so good times.  Worship God in all things you do despite the physical struggles you may face.  Live your life as if you could not be alive the next moment.  No matter the circumstance, SERVE and LOVE GOD!!! So thank you to my wonderful friend and hero of sorts, Donna.  I miss you so very much and I hope that if you were able to hear all that was said of you today at your celebration, it brought you joy.  I hope that if you were able to hear the song I sang that you were blessed by it and know that I love you very much.  Enjoy Heaven! Enjoy lavishing your love on the Savior and worshiping at His feet.  Save me a seat beside you in the Heavenly Choir, and I'll see you soon. Always thinking of you, Miranda

If anyone is interested in reading the memorial blog I wrote for her on our church page click here.

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