Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moving is a thrilling pain…

Some may already know that we are in the process of buying our own place. I knew that the packing was going to be a huge pain due to the dys keeping  my  packing progress slower.  I knew that getting the apartment clean after leaving and up to standards of a landlord check would also be a difficult process.  But I never imagined that something as simple as calling to set up phone and internet service transfer would turn into some huge ordeal.  First I had to stay on the phone with one person, repeat all the stuff like name, phone number, last four digits of my social security number (not feeling so secure about that anymore, maybe they should rename it?), and then the task of explaining why I was calling, giving the move out and move in dates as well as the new address.  Well I sure wish that the lady would have told me before I recited all of that to her that she was not qualified to help!  Same with the next person she transferred me to and the next. Finally I got a guy who was qualified, or so I thought.  Now he was the right department that I should be speaking with, but I’m not sure he had it all together in his “department up stairs!”!  We went through the whole process off me giving all that information again, I got put on hold, then answered some more questions, hold again, and finally he was done.  I just didn't’ know how “done” he was!  I once again confirm the dates to switch and everything seemed in order. Then I hung up the phone and tried to go about my business and getting my power transferred.  I keep getting the “No Connection available” screen no matter what page I try and pull up. I  think no big deal, I’ll just reboot! And I did, still no connection. So after worrying with it for about 15 minutes I decided to give AT&T a call to inquire why my internet is not working. All the lights are green which should mean it’s  all ready to go!  To my surprise, when I pick up the phone there is NO DIAL TONE! In the process of arranging my cut off and move dates for all that time, my luck would have it that the guy I get is a complete dolt more intent on selling me a cell phone plan than actually getting my service right!  I’m certainly not buying one from him now, and about that survey mister… yeah you probably shouldn’t have that emailed to me!
Anyway, I get the cell phone (not sure how many minutes it has because it’s a pay as you go) and I call them back. Talk to the lady who seemed nice enough but in the end I realized she didn’t care much either because she said and I quote “ It’ll be on some time or another, Have a good day!”  And then she hung up.  So I called back about an hour later and got another lady who basically tried a little more to help, but still when she tried to connect me to someone else, they hung up on me!  So I called back, finally got someone who tried and within the next 15 minutes I had my phone service back. I had to tell them that I had a disease and at any given moment I could black out and go unconscious and my kids depend on the phone to call for help.   Also told them that my husband was about to leave for work and we’d be here without a line out to call for emergency.  Maybe that is what got the job done or maybe it was me calling ever 15 minutes with a crummy pay-as-you-go phone!
So I thought, my internet should be back too!  Finally the kids will have something to keep them occupied while I pack!!! WORNG!  I call them back, ask about the internet and they tell me 24-48 hours! I told the man that didn’t make sense since it only took them 1 man and 1 minute to turn it off and screw it up!  So he did some number punching or whatever or maybe he was just telling me this to get me to leave him alone, but he said it should be back on tonight.  So here I am 2 hours later typing the blog on live writer because I can’t upload it to the internet or type it on the internet, but I can at least complain, save, and upload later.  I need to transfer my power but I'm a little hesitant to do that now! And mercy, when I have to transfer my mail… I don’t what to even think about it!
UPDATE! Even now, I’m at my mother in law’s using her internet. AT & T, you stink!3 days later and still my phone and internet is messed up from something YOU caused!

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