Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Showers...

Well it's the first week of April and boy did it rain hard last night! A lot of rough weather moved through our area, but thank God no one was hurt here.
So, on a different note, this is my last few days of saying I'm in my twenties. I will officially cross over into the land of the big THREE OH in a couple weeks. I'm kind of having mixed feelings. Mostly because I'm sure there won't be any type of celebration... it'll just be another day. And the other reason is I never thought I'd be turning 30 and unable to do things that I had hoped I would be able to do by now and there are things that should be so easy to do, yet they are a daily struggle for me. But on a better note, I believe I've become a stronger person and each day I find strength I didn't know I had. Not necessarily physical strength but emotional and mental strength.
So I'm going to hold my head high and move into my 30's knowing that life has been really rough for the last couple years BUT I've made it and I'll make it through the next years of struggles! I've accepted that my disease isn't going anywhere unless I'm miraculously healed by God. I've accepted that this may not be in His plan for me as well. So I try and live my life to the fullest that my body will allow. Sure, I don't get to do as much as others my age, but I live and each small task I complete I feel as if I'm an Olympian who just won gold! So live life to YOUR fullest! Don't try and live to others measures because that leaves us feeling empty. Find goals that you can meet with your bodies limitations and no matter how slow you go to meet them, work every day for that goal. Life is better when we have plans and goals and dreams. Never lose those!
So here's to all my POTSY friends out there... Keep Living, Dreaming, and Pushing for those Goals! Love you all!

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