Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Homeschooling with Dysautonomia

Hey everyone. Just thought I'd do a quick update. As you all know I have Dysautonomia. Some of you know I homeschool our children and that the last couple years was VERY difficult having been diagnosed as well having a child school aged. I'll be the first to admit that school was very lax with my oldest for the last couple years, but she has just reached compulsory age anyway, so this year is actually the first she "has" to be schooled. So we are off to a great start. I don't feel great but I'm able to work with the girls and get their school time accomplished. Most everything else has had to take a back burner due to my feeling so sick afterwards, but my girls are first and the most important anyway.
Anyway, they are doing so good! I'm very proud of them. They have very different lives from children who haven't got a sick parent, but they are exceptional little girls despite or because of my illness... who can really say for sure! I do know this.... they are very compassionate and very prayer and God believing little girls because of the life we live! It's amazing watching them grow up, sometimes WAY too fast for my liking, but yet they are growing up knowing and loving God and life around them. I pray that they see that I take no moments for granted and I strive to enjoy every moment available to me... and I do believe they see this because I see it with their own little lives!
We don't have a typical structured school day. Some days we start early and are done by lunch. Some days we eat lunch and then school and are finished by mid afternoon. It just depends on what works for that day. Yet every day has it's routine. They do their chores before school and earn their points to cash in on Eric's payday for their allowance. This is something new and they are doing GREAT with it! Then we eat either breakfast or lunch, depending on the time, followed by school. And they have the rest of the day to pretty much be kids!
That doesn't mean that it is "learning-free" time though. We still do activities they learn from. Gardening is one of our favorites to do together. Working with the animals is another. Both of my girls want to be some form of animal doctor when they grow up. So I think it's important to let them learn the responsibilities of working with animals. When we are working with the garden they are learning so much that can help them in their adult lives as well as current school work with science and math. It's amazing where you can tie in school with every day living!
Anyway, that's pretty much been what's going on life wise. Health wise I am struggling with extreme nausea, headaches, heart rate fluctuations, blood pressure doing it's own thing, sleep is insanely messed up, blurry vision, all over aches, and on and on.... It seems like my body is just in a weird funk and can't pull through it. But God will grant me strength to get through each day and I'll make it! So if I look or sound funny in the meantime, just laugh WITH me about  Can't go through life without finding humor in what ails us! Until next time, God Bless and keep fighting Dys! Love you guys!


Rachel said...

I'm so excited to learn that you homeschool! We are going to start homeschooling William this fall. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. It is really encouraging to know that I have a blog friend who is taking on the challenge of homeschooling in the midst of dealing with dysautonomia. You're the first person I've "met" who has a chronic illness and also homeschools.

Paula said...

You are an inspration to many Miranda. Some one said about home schooling the state still gets our school taxes even though our children do not attend public schools but they will not get our kids. Keep up the great work.
Your Friend Paula

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with dysautonomia 5 years ago and then suffered a mild stroke during a mission trip at age 35. I now have five kids and am a pastor's wife of a small church plant. I homeschool four children with a toddler running around. I feel as if I shouldn't be doing this with dysautonomia and Google d "parents homeschooling with dysautonomia" and found your blog. I feel tired all the time and hate being so inconsistent due to my health. God is still good! I would like to know what has caused my dysautonomia. Praising God I haven't fainted in nearly two years.