Monday, October 25, 2010

Coupon Shopping is becoming addictive!

Well today I went back to Publix for the second time doing a quick coupon run. If I tally up my before sales/coupons totals for 2 trips it comes to 322.76. After sales/coupons I only paid 164.80! That's a total of 51% savings! Still not the greatest of the coupon world, but it's only my 3rd trip! If I add my one Winn Dixie trip in the total before sales and coupons was 157.43 and I paid only 82.57. So the three trips combined before sales/coupons would have been 480.19! Saying that I only paid 247.37 makes me feel a pretty doggone good! I'm still learning the ropes, today was the first day I actually stacked any coupons and roughly half of what I bought today I didn't have a coupon for but needed the items. Things like milk, hamburger meat, gatorade (necessity!), etc. Plus some of the items I bought today, I didn't have great coupons for like my dog food, but still was a necessity. But I think I'm doing great so far. Eric is really loving watching the totals drop as each coupon is deducted! I'm finally getting our pantry looking good since the move-in to our new place. And I'm not stuck settling for generic this or that. In fact I think the only few things that have been generic were 2 bags of rice (winn dixie), 2 bottles of salad dressing (publix), kitty litter (publix), and the milk we've bought (publix). I might be wrong but I do think those are the only generic brands I've bought. I'm even getting lower prices on some of the name brand stuff than I'd ever find on the generics! I'm not stuck buying just the bare necessities, but we're able to splurge on things we ordinarily wouldn't buy, but since the deal with coupons is free or close to it, we go ahead and get them! It's really great to know that I've been able to save my family 232.82 in the last 2 weeks of groceries! I'm looking at it as a "job". I'm not able to work and bring in money, but I can save money on groceries and household items that we can put to good use elsewhere. So yeah, I call it my job :D It takes time to get organized, clip the coupons, search for coupons to stack with, and to find the best deals around. Eric has definitely begun to appreciate the art of clipping coupons after only 3 times shopping with them. He stands by quietly and watches the totals drop dollar by dollar and I watch as his mouth drops more and more in amazement as the totals go Anyway, that's pretty much what I've been doing in my spare time lately. So if you live around here and see a woman on a mission with a giant binder containing baseball card sleeves of coupons followed by a man dragging his feet really hating the time it takes to look and be sure they are getting the best deal possible, then that might be And if you see me in line, but you're in a hurry, it might be best if you don't get behind me. I usually have at a minimum of 20-25 coupons! I think I've had right at 60 coupons on one shopping trip and I'm just getting started!  Maybe my next trip I'll remember to tell Eric not to shelve the groceries and I'll get everything together on my table and take a photo! See ya soon!


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