Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My how things have changed!

Well it's October 19th and we've been living in our new place for like 2 weeks now, and there is ALWAYS something to be done! Other than just regular chores keeping things clean, I'm still trying to get some of this stuff unpacked or put away in a more convenient place. Slowly adding homey touches here and there and very slowly getting the remaining repairs finished. I'm thinking that MAYBE by the end of the year we'll hopefully have at least half of what needs to be finished completed. But who knows... lol

I need to post some photos of Kiah, she's grown SO MUCH! But for now, here are 2 photos from September 3rd.  She was 7 1/2 weeks here!

She was so small then!  The next photo was the day we went and got her down in Auburn on July 28th!  I like how she's looking up at Aleah, Aleah is looking at me, and Serena was looking down at Kiah but blinked...lol

These are some photos of my husband Eric and Kiah on Sept. 7. This was back when she was small enough not to annoy him! LOL He now has an avid dislike for her, well mostly for her behavior and hyper personality. I remind him all the time that she's just a puppy in a large package...lol Plus it doesn't help that she really only listens to me most of the time! But I'm glad I have these photos, because I seriously doubt that I'll get these 2 together like this ever again!

Well that's our puppy, who's not such a little puppy anymore. Maybe tomorrow I can have a minute to get outside with my camera and get some update photos of her! She's so much bigger now!

Today we also found a home for one of the rescue kittens we have! I'm so glad that Sonny Boy went to a great home! Although his new name might be Chizzik (after Gene Chizzik of Auburn...lol) This is the last picture I have of him.
This is Toddy Boy. He still needs a home.
This little girl here is Miracle (named this because she was born 48 hours after her 2 brothers and 2 sisters!) and although I hate to see her go, she needs a great home also.
And the last to need a home is Miss. Two Face (named after the batman villain harvey two-face) but not because she's a villainous cat, she's really sweet, but just because her face is half orange and half black split right down the middle. She has one foot that is split like this as well!

We are actually keeping one of the kittens and the mama cat. I don't have a recent photo of Lovey, or Gray/Cute Ear as the kids have dubbed her, but I'll try and get one tomorrow. Zelda will also stay with us (she's the mama cat) and we have our girl Daisy (got her like 7 months ago before we knew we'd have all these kittens! lol). I'll also try and get a more recent photo of her too. She has hurt her front right paw, so we're not bothering her too much until it gets better. She seems to feel better if she gets lots of rest. But it looks as if its on the mend, so that's great. And lastly, we still have those 2 little white teddy bear hamsters that I am DESPERATE to find homes for also! Made a deal with the girls that if we can find the hamsters and the 4 kittens a home, they could put their aquarium up in their bedroom. So we've got one kitten down, 3 more to go and 2 hammies...lol Anyway, this is pretty much the new additions the family :) And hopefully we'll be back down to just us 4 and 3 cats and 1 puppy soon. It's a lot of work keeping up with so many pets! Also, hope to have before and after photos of our new place, well before and now photos... nowhere near finished yet! So check back if you're interested in this crazy thing we call life...lol It's a ride that is forever changing due to my Dysautonomia, 2 kids, husband, puppy, 7 cats/kittens, and 2 hamsters! lol We never know what the next day holds! So until next time, stay strong, keep fighting!

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