Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just 40 more days until we meet him!!!

  WOW! Time has flown it seems. Then there are days when it seems like it's dragging it's heels too, but that's not very often. I am now 33 weeks along in this 40 week journey. Although my journey is scheduled to end at 39 weeks via repeat c-section, so I have just 6 weeks left! We are all so very ready to meet this baby boy!  My two girls are beyond the whole waiting and ready for him to be here already, but they are remaining much more patient than I am on some days. I have another OB appointment in less than a week and if things have remained as they've been this entire time then I don't foresee any problems. So that is great! By this point in the pregnancy with my oldest I was on strict bedrest. I think I made it a couple weeks further with my second but again I was on bedrest and both pregnancies ended in emergency c-sections. Even though I fought until the last day for a V-BAC with my second! This time I think the risk of a V-BAC would be higher due to the previous 2 c-sections but also with what I know about the disease and how my body handles stress and fatigue I think a repeat c-section is the right choice so I haven't mentioned a V-BAC to my Dr. Although my family has heard me say many times that I have a feeling that this pregnancy is going to go perfectly and it would probably be my only chance to have a vaginal birth.  Bummer! But that's life!
  Anyway, I've experienced the big question from people finally. The "Are you getting your tubes tied?" question.  People seem shocked that I'm not. After all they were thinking we were insane to be having a 3rd little one to begin with but to not tie my tubes!!! That's LUDICROUS! *smile*  I have my reasons and they are my own. But for those who read my blog and have wondered if this is on the to-do list your answer is it is not!   I even had a lady (mind you she is the sweetest lady and meant no harm!) ask me what was I gonna do with three!?!  I smiled and replied, "Same as I did with two. Spoil and love them!"
  It amazes me that if this were 50-80 years ago people wouldn't have batted an eye at a 3rd baby. I wonder what has changed so much that it makes a larger family taboo. Is it that there are so many expensive extra-curriculars available today and parents feel the need to give their child everything available making it a cost issue?  Is it time available to spend with children?  I really wish I knew.  Is it that more than 1 or 2 children just require more of everything and parents are afraid they can't meet that many children's needs?  It really baffles me.  I know that in today's society the "best" is often considered the best because it's the best that money can buy.  I'm very blessed that I don't have that mindset I suppose. So far I've been blessed with children who have a mindset that spending time with family is better than spending money on expensive items for themselves. I've been blessed with children who at very young ages are learning the value of the dollar by earning the money they get to spend.  They understand that daddy works hard for what he earns and they work hard for what they earn as well.
  I guess since becoming pregnant with this 3rd blessing and seeing the reactions of those surrounding us it's brought a lot of questions to the forefront of my mind. Most of which why is it so, for lack of a better term, repulsive to have larger families if that's what is great for your family?  Even though we've encountered some negative and humourous feedback about us growing our family we wouldn't change a thing! We know times won't be easy but we learn every day the value of living within your means and enjoying the priceless things in life. I for one am looking forward to another child squealing with joy in the mornings and throughout the day. I'm looking forward to one more cuddler fighting for space in the mornings and just before bedtime. Life is great and is only getting better as time draws closer to our newest family member arriving!
  Some have wondered how I will manage a new baby with the disease I have. And my answer is that I'll manage exactly as I have with both my oldest children. With the strength I gain from God and with the love I get from my family. Working together as a family unit like we have even before we knew why mommy wasn't as active and feeling well as other mommies.  This is nothing new for us and even though there have been scary times, many scary times, there have been far greater joyous moments because illness has a way of teaching a family that love and time spent together is the best things in life!
  So for those of you that stumble upon this blog and read it remember that even with life-altering diseases and setbacks you can have a life altered for the better! Sure you may have to adjust your view a little or adjust the way you feel about what happiness and togetherness means, but it's do-able! It's all in how you choose to view life. Find happiness in each other even in the tough times. Laugh often and loud!  Give and receive love from those around you... it's a mind-altering drug that is better than any prescription! :)
  Have a blessed day and check back soon for an update on our newest addition! See you soon!

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