Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chaotic cleaning!!!

Today has been a venture of practicing patience.  Eric and I are attempting to finally get boxes that have been stacked along a wall in our room to storage.  We need the space for the home school table since I now have my exer-bike in the living room and need the home school space for the bike.  Yesterday we took at least 10 boxes, mostly toys, to storage.  I know that it is crazy to have that many toys, but we’re pack-rats and the girls Granna bought a lot of toys in the past!  So it seems a waste to throw out things that our youngest daughter can now play with.
Anyway I got our closet cleaned out, so that now all of Eric’s guitar gear is on his side of the closet instead of all in my way.  I folded and arranged all the clothes on the top shelf neatly even though I know that it will not stay that neat.  We also have the van loaded with more boxes, mostly clothes this time, ready to take to storage.  I did manage to find some of my oldest daughter’s clothes from the past for my youngest to use this fall and winter season.  I love it that I don’t have to buy a lot of things again! 
Eric is now in our room cleaning up the “disaster area”.  This is the area where everything that does not yet have a home got thrown in the middle of the room.  He is not a happy camper!  He says that I always begin large projects but I never am able to finish them.  And I’ll admit that this is true!  But in my defense I only begin the big projects as a last resort of asking for months to get them done!  And I was proud of myself for lasting as long as I did today.  I only got light headed at the end of cleaning out the closet, and managed to sit and go through several boxes and bags of clothing to see what I could find for the girls to start the fall season out in. 
So today has been a hectic day.  I’ve been informed that my process of doing things does not mesh with Eric’s process of doing things!  I already knew that but somehow as always I begin a project thinking that somehow maybe our processes and ways of doing things will merge into one magnificent way of doing something and we’ll accomplish getting a lot done!  But, yet again this did not happen… *smile*  On another thought, though, my process did get all the clothes sorted and the closet cleaned!  I’m still waiting to see if Eric can pull it together so I can see what his way of doing things will accomplish! I have a feeling that tomorrow evening I will be showing off my new hair cut, but only to the 4 walls of my bedroom as I finish things up! (I’m finally getting to the salon for a haircut…YAY!!!)
I do feel bad, because Eric is exhausted, but he is telling me that I’m not good help.  Apparently my mind wanders from project to project!  So he’s kicked me out of the room and told me “No offence, but when you are helping, nothing gets done!”  So I have sat down, and written all this down as a reference for use in the future of how my project process and Eric’s project process are apparently from opposite planets!  Maybe the next time I see something that I want to get done, I should let him lead?  But maybe not, because after all, I am a woman, and I’ll always want my projects done the way I see them in my mind!  Even though I am a chaotic cleaner!

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