Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A "Can't Get Out of Bed Day"... ugghh

  Well it's Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and I've been in bed for an entire 24 hours (exeptions: bathroom, and cooking 3-15 minute or less meals for the family). Today I'm supposed to be baking 2 deserts and I still feel like poop. For starters the Dysautonomia is acting crazy bad and making my whole body feel out of sorts and at odds with itself. I also am aching like crazy from not being able to do more than lay down for an entire day. It's strange how laying down for so long can cause such muscle aches!
   But I do have every intention of getting up, getting a shower (must do this before Eric goes to work, or all bets are off due to the blackout risk being higher when I feel bad), and getting those 2 deserts made. They are actually pretty simple I think. On a hunch that I might be feeling bad this week based on how I felt last week, I decided against fixing anything complicated for family gathering on tomorrow. Instead I am going to with Pumpkin Spice Bread and a lb 1/2 of fudge. I had coupons for both of the kits, so that made it even more appealing. Add that to the fact that EVERYTHING I need for them is in the box, already measured for me... well that's an added bonus. The only things I think I have to add that do not come pre-measured are like Oil, eggs, and milk or something like that. So it should be fairly simple, not energy zapping, if I can only just get out of this bed and be able to do it. I did get up and pour the kitties some food. Was kind of hard to ignore them when I had 3 pairs of eyes staring me down while they sat on me in my sleep. Thankfully the older cat we have was outside and her meowing wasn't part of the wake up process, as it's a LOUD and harsh sounding meow. Can be quite alarming if she gets up on the edge of the bed and close to your face!
   So my plan for today. Somehow find enough energy to get out of bed and stay upright long enough to get a shower, cook lunch, and bake those deserts. Doesn't sound to hard? Well you don't have Dysautonomia slowing you down like a movie in slow, slow, slow motion. My orthostatic intolerance and Tachycardia when I'm upright is off the charts as well as the blood pooling for the last couple days. On my back is pretty much the only place I don't feel as woozy. But as soon as Eric wakes up (worked the late shift last night) I am going to attempt to get things done, with his help of course! So that's what's up with me today. I'm praying and hoping that tomorrow is a better day, because I was really sick on the holidays last year, and it would be so nice to not be sick on them this year!
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone!


Michele McGough said...

I so resent those all day in bed days. It always seems to bring on the fear that this might be my permanent medical status. But when I'm better I appreciate the good days even more. I hope you get your baking done and are able to enjoy your friends and family tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

aww i hate that! i have horrible orthostatic tolerance on a good day, so I can just imagine how you're feeling on a bad one :( your older cat sounds like mine lol. If he jumps into bed and starts screaming for me to get up... I'm going to get up just to get him to shut up lol. I hope you're feeling good real soon, or well enough to get moving a little. The holidays when sick are awful when there are things you feel obligated to do :(

Miranda said...

thanks so much Michele and Ash! Sometimes I wonder how I managed before I actually had a diagnosis and meds. Truth is I didn't really manage at all I guess. At least not well! Hope you are both having an awesome day!