Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wednesday Song Day

Ok, Ok... I missed wednesday Song day, maybe more than once, not But in my defense, last Wednesday I was blacking out and having the seizure episodes and felt just plain horrible all week! This week, I felt horrible, but it took all that I had to get myself and the girls ready for church, so that's what happened :) Anyway, I was listening to my IPOD tonight while cleaning and a great song I'd forgotten I loaded started up. And for once, I REALLY really HEARD what it was saying! It's a great song that Mandissa sings called Not Guilty. So, take a listen (or if you can't listen just read the lyrics!) 

Ok now that you've listened to it... or read it... ISN'T THAT AMAZING! Think about it. It just blows my mind that regardless of all that I've done wrong in my past, as long as I've accepted Christ as my personal Savior, that on the day when I stand before Him, I can be told NOT GUILTY! And it's not that I've not done wrong in my life, it's that the blood of Christ has covered the sins I've committed because of the selfless and giving act that Jesus did so long ago! I don't know about you, but man when I think about what He's done for me, then I just wanna dance! Granted, physically I can't always get my shout on because of this stupid thing called Dys, but you know what I mean :D  Anyway, I was just reminded today that no matter the day I'm having, no matter how crummy I feel, no matter how physically and emotionally drained and sick I am it's nothing like being beaten, crowned with a crown made of woven thorns. Nothing like being stripped of all dignity, a heavy cross thrown across the back that's all bloody and torn. Nothing like dragging that heavy cross through a crowd who's spitting and jeering CRUCIFY HIM!  It's nothing like falling to the ground from the beating, the loss of blood, the agony of the weight of the cross on a bloodied back. It's nothing compared to hanging with a nail through each hand and feet, body weight pulling against the piercings while being hoisted up in the air scantily clad for all to see. It's nothing compared to having a sword thrust in the side. It's nothing compared to dying for people you haven't even met!  No matter WHAT I face on a daily basis from this disease, it's nothing compared to the price my Savior paid for me.
It's worth a thought, ya know! We often don't think realistically of what Jesus went through for us, and we just blindly through it all back in His face as we choose to live a life that He died to save us from. Sure the movie Passion of the Christ came out and we were all thrown back and shocked at the painful and truthful depiction of what really happened. We were all suddenly so grateful and awakened by what we'd seen depicted in a movie. But like always, we eventually fall back into our "comfortable" way of living. And often times we forget just what Christ did. Sure we know he died for us, but do we always sit and really REALLY think on just what it was He did? Maybe we should! After all, He did ALL that so that we can be Not Guilty on Judgement Day! How about you? Will you be Guilty? or Not Guilty?  And remember, no matter what your day is like, it's nothing like Christ's day was the day He died for you!

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