Friday, November 19, 2010

Grocery Shopping - November 19, 2010

Today I only went to Winn Dixie. I still need a few things, so possibly still a Publix and/or Rite Aid (would love to finally make a RiteAid run) and I know an Aldi trip is a must for their low cost of Bread and Milk.

So here is a photo of what I got today at Winn Dixie followed by a breakdown of the prices (reg, sale, after coupon). Not a bad day if I must say so myself! Oh, and one thing. I used the $4 off a ButterBall Turkey when you buy 4 of certain products (I bought the stovetop and crescent rolls) and when she rang up my coupon instead of $4 off, I got the ENTIRE NON SALE amount of the turkey off! So my $4 coupon became 16.31 off! That was exciting :D

1-Edy's Butterfinger Ice Cream
 1-Edy's Fudge Tracks Ice Cream
    Reg. 5.89 - Sale BOGO= 2.95 each
    Coupons - $1/2 = Total 4.90 (2.45 each)
 4-Hungry Man Meals
     Reg. 4.39 each - Sale BOGO = 2.19 each
     Coupons - (4) $2/1 = Total .19c each
10-Totino's Pizza Rolls 15ct box
      Reg. 2.00 each - Sale 10 for $10
      Coupons (1) .40/2 & (2) .50/4 = 2 @ .60c each & 8 @ .75c each
 4-Buitoni Pasta
     Reg. 4.99 - Manager Markdown - 1.75 each
10-Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
      Reg - 2.44 - Sale 10 for $10
      Coupons - (5) .50/2 = .50c each
 2-John Morell Off the Bone Lunch meat
     Reg. 3.99 each - Markdown $3 off = .99c each
 3- Betty Crocker Pouch Cookie Mix
     Reg. 2.79 each - Sale 3/$5 (1.66 each)
     Coupons - (3) .40/1 = .86c each
 1-Winn Dixie Sweet Tea
     Reg. 2.50 - Sale 1.79
 4-Kraft Shredded Cheese
     Reg. 3.69 - Sale BOGO= 1.84 each
 1-Butter Ball Frozen Turkey (10.26lbs)
     Reg. 16.31 (1.59lb )  = Sale 10.16 (.99lb)
     Reg. 1.99 - SALE BOGO = $1 each
     Coupons - $1/2 =.50c each
 2-Welch's Grape Jam
     Reg. 2.69 - Sale 2/$4.00
 2-Reynold's Slow Cooker Liners
     Reg. 2.39
     Coupons - $1 off = 1.39 each
 2-French's Fried Onions
     Reg. 3.99 - Sale 2.99
     Coupons - (2) .50/1 = 1.99 each
 3-Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
     Reg. 2.29 - Sale 3/$5.00
     Coupon .50/2 = 1.33 each
 6-SeaBest Shrimp Box
     Reg. 5.99 - Sale BOGO = 3.00each
     Coupon - (6) 1.00 off = 2.00 each
 6-Glide Floss
     Reg. 3.99 - Sale .99
     Coupon - .75/1 = .24 each
 1-Martha White Yellow Corn Meal
     Reg. 2.99  Sale 2.50
 1-Kraft Hickory BBQ
     Reg. 1.99
     Coupon .50/1 = .99c
 6-Carnation Evaporated Milk
     Reg. 1.25 - Sale 1.00
     Coupon .50/2 = .50 each
 2-Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
     Reg. 2.49  Sale - 2.00
     Coupon (2) .55/1 = 1.45 each
 2-French's Worsterchire Sauce
     Reg. 1.69
     Coupon (2) .50/1 - .69c each
 2-Peter Pan Peanut Butter
     Reg. 2.39
     Coupon (2) .50/1 = 1.39 each
 2- Carnation 1.5 lb Fudge Making Kits
      Reg. 4.99
      Coupons (2) $1off or .50/1 (either way it was a $1 off) = 3.99 each
 1-Pumpkin Bread Kit
     Reg. 4.99
     Coupons (same as above) = 3.99each

Ok, my total BEFORE sales and coupons was 262.45! Here are 2 photos of my receipt.
This one is what I paid - $100.87!!!

This one shows my savings broken down.
 So not a bad shopping experience I'd think :) I'm proud of it anyway. Not being able to work, saving my family money like this makes me feel like I've contributed something. So, that's it for today. I do know one thing. Saving money is great, but it does take effort. It takes me a couple days to just sort and clip the coupons, then sometimes another day just to get them in their correct section in my binder. And then it's already time to get online and check out SouthernSavers website and others for the best deals and to pull those coupons and get everything ready so that on Friday I'll be ready to go to the store and point Eric in the right direction. I honestly couldn't do any of this without Eric. He's a great help so some of the credit for these savings goes to him. Without his help, all I'd be able to do is clip a coupon! LOL I'm not able to drive, so he gets to play chauffeur. I can't do hardly any of the bending and grabbing items from the shelves, so he's pointed here and there to get this or that, checking labels, brands, sizes, etc. I can't push the cart after the first few things are added, so he gets to push the cart with my giant coupon binder sitting in the baby seat of And he gets to carry an envelope so he can scout for tear-pads, blinkies, and So if you read this, give Eric a congrats on a job well done too :)  Happy Shopping!

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