Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video Hearing for Disability

In 24 hours I'll be in a room, attending my video hearing for my Disability Case. I'm as nervous as all get out, not to mention sick with normal stuff and Dys this week. The added nerves and stress aren't helping me at all. I'm just laying here on the couch, trying to feel a little better, and suddenly I think, What do I wear to this thing? Anyone who's met me knows I'm strictly jeans and t-shirts unless someone's died and there's a funeral. So just the idea of having to dress outside my comfort zone is hard on me. Crazy, I know. But I'm thinking I'll wear my khakis and a button up that I bought from JC Penneys a couple months ago. It's comfy, and I can wear sandals which is even better considering I get too hot all the time.
I'm really confused by everything though. I had expected that I'd meet the lawyer before the day of the hearing. It didn't help that I was told I'd not be in a court room for at least another year, and the very next week I received packet after packet in the mail stating I had a video hearing scheduled just 2 short weeks away! So, I figure one of two things will happen. 1. My lawyer is VERY good at what he does, and doesn't need the extra time to prove my case because I really am sick. or 2. I'll get denied and have to file an appeal and start all over, but the upside to that is if I have to go that route, I have my lawyer already  But I'm still counting on option 1, well that and a LOT of prayers being prayed by myself, family, and friends. Anyway, just wanted to put a post up about tomorrow. I think I need to rest a bit for now. Just not feeling well and cooking lunch took a LOT of my energy store and used it up. I still have another 9 hours at least before the kids are asleep so I have a long way to go today. Need all the rest I can get in before Eric heads to work and leaves it with me. So until at least tomorrow, have a good day, a blessed day, and be happy in the Lord!

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Anonymous said...

aww i think going with the khakis are good. if your too dressed up you'll not feel comfortable, and feel crappier. being all dressed up may give them the wrong idea too. good luck hun!! wishing you all the best!