Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Friends and Family

Today I sat at my computer and wrote a letter.  I wrote to my friends and family who have supported me and my family through all of this Dys. stuff.  Many of them really don't understand.  They know I'm sick, but what exactly with they aren't quite sure.  I even had one aunt recently say they had given me up for dead! Now I know I'm sick with this, but I'm not quite there yet!!!  *Smile*  So I decided to write a letter to give a little information and inform them of my typical days.  Just something to help them understand that if I decline to go out or do something it is most assuredly not them I am declining, but rather the illness I have causing the declining.  I also wanted to thank them for all they have done during this time.  I wanted to tell them how much I love them and appreciate them.  So I thought a letter was the way to go.  I now have to print copies and get it out to all those friends and family, but that shouldn't be hard.
  Maybe if you have friends or family and you haven't quite explained your situation (should you have a situation) then perhaps a letter to them would be the way to go.  It gives you a chance to share your life as well as a chance to say thank you for all they've done.  Dealing with this without support would have been possible, but by no means would it have been easy!  My family and friends are what give me that extra little "ummph" in my step.  Their encouragement goes through my mind over and over.  I can hear their words reminding me to keep fighting, keep pushing, and to keep trusting God.  So I say thank you.... if you are one of those people.... thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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