Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My baby turned 2!

Happy Birthday Aleah! Yesterday my youngest turned 2!  We are planning on having a bigger party in the next couple of weeks as I gain more strength back, but for now we had a good time with a "just the four of us" party!  We had cake and she got her gifts from us. Her sister had saved and bought her 2 pairs of dress up shoes that Aleah loved!  She is a shoe fanatic, so it was a fitting gift!  She had trouble blowing out her candles, so I have several pictures of her all puckered up and attempting to blow them out, but those were stubborn candles! She was saying it's a happy birthday to me!  She's such a sweet little girl and I can't believe that it has been 2 years already since the day she was born! I still remember how tiny she was.  Her head was so small that my 3 1/2 year olds tiny little hands could cradle Aleah's face!  I remember putting her first little gown on her, and it was a newborn sleep sack. It completely swallowed her!  It was pink and had pink lace and a pair of ballerina shoes on the chest of it with the words Tiny Dancer.  It was fitting because she had "danced" herself away from the Dr. during the c-section so effectively that it was a longer than usual c-section! The dr.'s would say, I have her and then she would flip and away she would squirm!  So I called her my Tiny Dancer.  She is still dancing her way out of things today! Sometimes I try and scold her for bad behavior and she'll cock her head to the side, smile real sweet, and dance away! She loves to dance and sing. She's one of my greatest gifts in life and I love her so much.  I wish she could stay a baby forever, but the last few weeks and months she has begun that change from infant ways into cute toddler behavior. I know it will not be long and she'll be amazing us with her grown up ways!  But for now, I hold her in my arms and love on her and kiss all that adorable sweetness right from her cheek.  And I know deep inside that one day, she'll be to big for me to hold and she'll be out with her friends doing her own thing.  So for now I take all the adorable smiles and kisses I can get! Happy 2nd Birthday to my Tiny Dancer. I love you, Mommy

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