Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Days, Bad Days

Good Days, Bad Days.  What exactly does that mean? Well before Dys. came into my life a good day was simply a day when I was out and about and everything just seemed to go right. A bad day would have been a normal out and about day as well, only maybe, perhaps everything didn't go my way. Since Dys. came into my life Good Days, Bad Days has taken on an entire different meaning.  Now a good day is a day when I am able to shower and not get sick, and a bad day... well those are classified as not so bad days, bad days, and crummy days. Not so bad means I felt a little rough after my shower but I was able to shower and dress and maybe get out and get some errands done or just get something done around the house.  A bad day is when I wake up feeling not so good, and after I shower I am spent and feel crummy for the remainder of the day. Not able to get anything else done for that day. I may even fall asleep several times during these days, because naps here and there give me the energy I need to just exist as a lump on the couch.  A cruddy day is when a shower is not possible at all. These days I usually remain in bed for the entire day. I usually will sleep for a few hours at a time during those days, and on these days I'm actually able to sleep at night due to the sheer exhaustion of getting up to go to the bathroom during the day.
Today was simply a bad day. Last night I didn't rest at all... insomnia was horrible.  I had a phone interview for disability (the hospital arranged it for me) and after an hour on the phone, I was even more exhausted. Lack of sleep and a lot of questions are not a good combo for a normal person... you throw that at a dys. person and man we are like a bumbling bowl of jello!  I hope that my answers were coherent. I do remember apologizing for the slurred speech a lot.  After my phone interview I rested for a while longer, and managed to get a shower. Some days the benefits of feeling refreshed can outweigh the disadvantages of showering with Dys. Today was one of those days.  I managed my shower (all of which are sit down showers now), got dressed and put a cap on my head.  This was the extent of making myself presentable for the day. After all my mother in law was coming over to help with household chores and I just couldn't stay in a t-shirt only all day!  When she arrived I was fresh out of the shower in a heap on the couch waiting for my heart to quit beating out of my chest due to the shower.  Finally I was able to get "thank you for helping out" out and just lay there for the remainder of the time she was here pretty much.
 It's nice to have help. In fact it is a blessing.  My husband is great. He straightens and does his best at keeping the house up, but with 2 small kids, it can become a mess in a short amount of time.  So I called for backup today and she showed up ready to get some down and dirty scrubbing/cleaning done.  So now I'm laying here watching Christian Music Videos on KTV and typing this blog entry. I have a clean house, my husband fixed a decent supper, and I've had a shower today. The last 3 elements of my day have made my day bearable even though it was a bad day.  So just remember, even when it's a bad day, or worse, there are always small little things that can help make it more bearable!
Dys may try and kick me when I'm down, but it might as well be prepared and know that I'm a fighter! I have alot of support in my corner backing me, and even on bad days, it will not get me down!!!

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