Friday, September 18, 2009

Poem to spread Dys. Awareness

This is my story, This is my life
Doesn't look like much on the outside
At times I look normal, just like you
But for now I've got a cool walker, in a shade of blue
I refuse to sit here and wallow in my pain
I know that my God will have me walking on my on again
But there is always the case of my beating heart
From that battle it seems I can't part
For the moment I stand upon my 2 feet
This little heart of mine races and beats
Have you ever ran a race and felt your heart pound
Like it's beating so hard you fear falling to the ground?
That's every day, every moment I stand
That's what I just need you to understand.
I wanna be out there doing things I adore.
Like playing with my kids in the yard and more
But doing just simple things like taking a shower
Seems to wear me down for hours and hours
So I'm writing this poem, this one huge plea
Can you spread the awareness for people like me?
Can you tell a friend, take a moment or two
And tell them to learn about dysautonomia too?
Because it will only take you and then the word spreads
And hopefully one day some doctor will feel led
To do a little research, find more answers, who knows a cure
And you've done your part to end a terrible war
Cause for people like me, that's exactly what we're in
A battle most can't see, because it rages on deep within
Attacking all the automatic things you take for granted
Like breathing, and blinking, heart beating not rapid!
Please paste this and post this and spread the word
About Dysautonomia so maybe one day it might be cured!
WRITTEN BY: Miranda L. Powell
Diagnosed with Dysautonomia

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Michelle Roger said...

Woo Hoo Miranda. Congrats on joining the blogging world. I find it very cathartic to get it all out, hope it works for you to. Look forward to reading more of your posts. I've been doing mine for a few months now and it's been a bit of a journey, but fun overall. Good luck with your doc appointment hope your leg is feeling a bit better.

Michelle :)